The One Where the Rooftops Make Like the French and Surrender

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Reset: Cubs trying to make nice with the neighborhood and city regarding concessions on landmark status, renovations, potential obstructing views due to outfield signage, night games, concerts, blah de blah.  However, the rooftops are being a bit troublesome and may even threaten to sue because heavens forbid that their voyeuristic businesses be blocked (even partially).

Today, we not-plagiarized a Paul Sullivan article (h/t Berselius from OV) and saw something a little bit different and a little bit surprising.  We know that earlier this week, the Cubs met with neighbors and rooftops owners to discuss the logistics and specifics of the proposed renovations, including renderings of the new video screen and outfield signs.  The concession the Cubs made was to minimize obstructions to the rooftop businesses.  Tom Ricketts also sorta-kinda-but-not-really-but-yeah-he-did threatened to move the team in the event of further rooftop blockage of the renovation plans, so there’s that.

In Sully’s article, the honorable Beth Murphy said the following:

“I think we’re at a point in the process where we’re just going to have to work out the details (of the plan),” Murphy said. “I no longer believe the Cubs want to block us. I wasn’t sure before, but I no longer believe that. I truly am optimistic they want to work this out.”

Murphy said the owners had a meeting with Cubs business president Crane Kenney on Wednesday in their conference room a block from Wrigley Field.

“The meeting with Crane was just surprising,” she said. “It was great.”

The Cubs will eventually get to the point where they put up giant pieces of cardboard or plywood so the rooftops can actually see how obstructive the video replay board and other outfield signs will be.  But this is actually very good news.  This suggests that the rooftops are acquiescing to a renovation plan that favors the Cubs and will snowball towards completion.  It also suggests that the rooftops realize that they will get bad publicity and receive little or no reward should they continue to block the Cubs from effectively running their baseball and entertainment operations, whether the contract between the Cubs and the rooftops is iron-clad or not.

So now…we wait.  And we rejoice that Beth Murphy is being a little less bitchy than usual.

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