More Stuff About Wrigley (Tired of This Yet?)

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From Dabynsky, an article from Crain’s Chicago Business details the entire Cubs proposal for Wrigley renovations.  Although the document has been publicized, we probably shouldn’t just copy/paste all the stuff, so you’ll just have to click over to check it out.  This is particularly useful for those of you who have experience with the lawyerese or land/property development, maybe you can shed some light for us?

The Chicago Plan Commission is tentatively scheduled to formally consider the application on July 18, so you have some time if you want to read this all the way through.

July 18 is after the All-Star Break, on a Cubs off-day before they play the Rockies.  Considering how antsy the Ricketts family has been in getting this fast-tracked, this date seems counter to that impatience.  One wonders whether they can still order all their materials and get the ball rolling once the Cubs season is done such that they can start work on the clubhouse etc., particularly if legal or other obstacles arise, if any.  However, the biggest obstacle, the rooftop association, seems to have softened their stance, so maybe it won’t be such a big deal after all.

Enjoy the read, I just downloaded the PDF and this should be a blast.

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