More Night Games Soon

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Serena Dai published an article this evening about the Cubs inching closer to getting more night games. The gist of the article is that Mayor Rahm Emanuel introduced an amendment to allow the Cubs to schedule more night games. Here are some of the important snippets of the article.

Emanuel’s ordinance allows for 35 scheduled night games and five more in case of MLB asks. Any additional night games must be approved by City Council and would not count against the limit, including playoff games, rescheduled games and All-Star games.

The amendment also does not include four concerts Wrigley Field is allowed to host each year, which will still be handled by a separate ordinance so that the timing and performer will have community review, said Bennett Lawson, Ald. Tom Tunney (44th)’s chief of staff.

In total, the Cubs will have the flexibility to schedule up to 56 or more night events.

The Cubs in one of the most anticlimatic announcements get nearly everything they asked for in a deal from the city. The Cubs would probably like to be closer to the major league average of 54 home night games a year, but this is a significant bump.

It also allows the Cubs to schedule the Friday 3:05 games as early as this season, with time for community members to review traffic studies, Tunney said in a statement.

This is another big win for the Cubs to be able to add the 3:05 Friday games as soon as this season. There are still roadblocks with the traffic studies and other bureaucratic headaches to take care of, but this is getting the ball rolling on adjusting the Cubs schedule closer to the rest of baseball.

Tunney said Tuesday at ELVN that the new night game ordinance could pass in 30-60 days, optimistically speaking. Other changes to Wrigleyville, from signage to the planned hotel, will undergo a far more rigorous public process due to the number of committees a planned development must pass.

It may not be exactly the number neighborhood representatives ask for, but Tunney has said all sides need to compromise.

“I’ve gone from 30 to 40,” he said Tuesday. “I’ve gone from zero to six. If that isn’t a compromise, I don’t know what is.”

The timeframe for the deal is important for the Cubs to be able to add 3:05 starts to this season. However, the news is good that this should have no problem making it through the city. With the mayor and Tunney on board the Cubs should be well on their way to getting at least the first part of the funding mechanisms Ricketts seeks for the renovations of Wrigley.

It also appears like this is enough for Ricketts to move ahead with the schedule of beginning the much needed clubhouse renovations this offseason. There appears to be a lot more issues to resolve with the main funding mechanisms of increased signage, but the deal that had to get done for all sides involved is slowly making its way to becoming official today.

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