Positive reactions to the Anthony Rizzo extension

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It’s amazing how drastically a baseball career can progress.



Now Anthony Rizzo has beaten cancer, achieved cult hero status in a short time in Cubs pinstripes, and now is a Cub-for-a-long-time.




The deal will basically set Rizzo up for life and will minimize risk to the Cubs.  It will allow the Cubs to sign free agents and potentially set up extensions for other controlled players, and we can speculate that might mean Jeff Samardzija or Travis Wood, or a buy-low candidate in Matt Garza.



Snuck it by all the media again!

We have reactions from Dave Cameron of FanGraphs, as well as Obstructed View.  The folks at MLBTR have also compiled a number of reactions, all positive.  I think most everyone says this is a good deal, and I like what OV said in terms of Rizzo having a floor of about Carlos Pena, which won’t actually suck.  I think he can be more of a right-handed Derrek Lee, and despite what most Cubs fans think, Derrek Lee was pretty good at baseball too.

So…what do you think?

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