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First off, our apologies for the blog host acting up, we are looking into upgrading service or potentially transferring service such that these periodic hiccups don’t happen anymore.  Thank you for your patience and your continued support.

As we talked about briefly last night on our podcast, the Cubs and the city are moving forward with the renovation planning and the neighbors are resigning themselves to the fact that the Cubs will get their way.  I guess you can’t think otherwise these days, what with the Ricketts family paying for everything themselves and a powerful and influential mayor driving the bus with extra greasy wheels.

Looking good, lots of open space for street vendors, street fairs, etc.
Looking good, lots of open space for street vendors, street fairs, etc. (Chicago Tribune, Chicago Cubs)

Late last night, the Tribune released an article with some new renderings of other proposed additions to the Wrigley site, including a new west-facing gate that would open towards Clark Street and their future Cubs Plaza.  Keep in mind that these are artistic renderings and don’t reflect what will exactly happen, but may be very close to what will be constructed eventually once the measures are approved.  Check out the picture of the Wrigley Field Cubs Plaza rendering in the featured pic above and the proposed gate below:

This will be over Clark Street.
This will be over Clark Street. (Chicago Tribune, Chicago Cubs)

The sign is very similar to some signs I’ve seen around what my wife likes to call “Little Mexico” (predominantly Hispanic neighborhoods in the Southwest parts of Chicago) and also to the one in Chinatown:

Tasty food within.
Tasty food within.

The proposed plaza in the first page actually does remind me a lot of the open area in Chinatown Square where they have a lot of flea market-type activities. I think this is a really neat idea. I am particularly interested in the extra gate that will alleviate congestion within the stadium as we try to get out of the park after games, although I usually use the one on Addison and Sheffield to get back to the Red Line station. Even so, an additional exit will relax the flood of humanity towards my main exit, so I’m all for that.

Ivy is very anti-“Wave” at Wrigley, and I honestly don’t care because I don’t do the Wave and don’t begrudge those who do.  But rest assured that someone is thinking about tradition too:



Good luck with that, “Mr. Ricketts” 😀

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