Late night swooning for Jeff Samardzija

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The video below speaks for itself:

Jeff Samardzija didn’t bat for himself (the White Sox use the designated hitter, which is a story for another day) but still pretty much won the game for the Cubs with a complete game, two-hit shutout.  In doing so, he lowered his season ERA to below 3 (now sitting at 2.85) and continued to pile up the strikeouts.  His record isn’t as nice as his peripherals suggest, but if Jeff continues to pitch like this, he’s going to get paid.  As of now, he is in his first year of arbitration eligibility, and won’t be a free agent until 2016, his age 31 season.  There is an incentive for the Cubs to try to extend him, but there is an equally strong incentive for Jeff to resist and get a potential $100MM+ contract as a true free agent.  This is definitely worth keeping an eye on, as the arm is considered to be younger than his true age so he may have yet to hit his prime.

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2 Replies to “Late night swooning for Jeff Samardzija”

  1. Is it bad that I read this just for Swooning in the title. I feel that I am having a lurid love affair with the Cubs for my whole life. I love them, I hate them for crushing my hopes, and I can’t live without them. I am also, addicted to see how free agency will play into this in the future and the rebuilding of the team.

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