The Wrigley Rooftop Saga: The Mock-Ups

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Yesterday, before the rains fell and the potential Cubs victory was washed away, the Ricketts family hired a bunch of cranes and erected a couple of mock signs to survey how much of the rooftop views would be obstructed.  The pictures from street level are available throughout the internet, and the better ones are available from The Wrigley Blog and Serena Dai’s report.

Naturally, the team boss would say it’s “fine” while the alderman and the rooftop bigwig would balk at the idea.  Just using my innate spatial reasoning skills, the proposed 6000 (!!) square-foot screen IS big, and will very likely affect the Waveland ball hawks’ way of life quite a bit.  Maybe it will affect wind patterns down that’a-way too, but my physics skills are weak.

What you will notice from all the pictures is that they are indeed all from street level.  You do see one or two of the Cubs staff on the rooftops (wonder if they had to buy the all-you-can-eat package?) but that’s about it.  This means that none of us have the shots of the mockups from the rooftops’ point of view, looking into the ballpark, to see whether the mockups are indeed blocking lots of views or not.

One would think that Tom Ricketts or Wally Hayward would take out their smartphones (they can afford those, right?) and snap a few pictures from their vantage point and post them to so we, the fans, know that the Cubs’ diabolical plan isn’t that diabolical after all.  All kidding aside, what they should have done was to have photographers stationed at each of the rooftop clubs and snapped multiple pictures to allow the public, the rooftops, the city officials, and the team and its fans the knowledge that the placement of the new signs would be minimally obstructive.  Those are the shots that I really want to see, because I am admittedly biased and I want the Jumbotron/big screen so the Ricketts can get their money and improve the team.  Photographic evidence that the views are not completely blocked would take away the rooftops’ last avenues of objection.

I’d be curious to see if anyone in the neighborhood has those pictures. The street level pictures only tell me that “the screen looks big.”  What I’m looking for is, “Will it allow enough of a view so the rooftops can STFU already?”

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