For Monday’s Off Day Fun, a Hypothetical

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If you have been following our FaceBook page at all, you would know that we really hate off days. We hate them so much, that we tend to post random questions to start discussions with our faithful fans over at World Series Dreaming. Today, we are going to try something a little different.

In our first discussion, I wanted to take the temperature of our fans to see who they felt should win the rookie of the year award. In order to do this, I created two random players, one pitcher and one hitter, and gave them completely unrealistic numbers. In doing so, it was clear that they were the only two candidates that would ever even be considered.

I also wanted to make the invented numbers so extraordinary that no matter who you picked, would not be the wrong answer. We will pretend that these two players are both in the National League (so that there can only be one winner).

The Pitcher has a record of 24-3 with a 2.10 ERA, a WHIP of .872 255 strike outs 85 walks and an opponents batting average of .110

The hitter has a batting average of .325 and an OBP of .415. He has hit 55 HR while collecting 175 RBI. He also has a fielding percentage of .998

Both had amazing rookie campaigns, but only one can win. Who do you think should win? (I know both are completely unrealistic, but play along)

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