The One Where Nobody’s Happy, But Progress!

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The Cubs had a prolonged meeting with the City Council today and if you don’t feel like reading much more, the gist is this:


Fran also wrote a comprehensive article of the proceedings and you should go read it.  The Cubs aren’t happy because they wanted more night games and more flexibility in case MLB switches some games to night games due to broadcast demands (suggesting that the Cubs are either good or playing a team that is good, preferably the former).  The residents aren’t happy because they forgot that they lived next to a major league ballpark (a-herp-a-derp).  But at this point the night game issue is at a compromise, and the Cubs can hopefully earn significantly more revenue.

Next step: get the scoreboard and signage approved, then start actually doing stuff instead of talking about it.  Who wants to take bets on when the Wrigleyville residents decide to move out and forfeit their sweet property values?

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