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In between the Cubs’ bullpen failing, the Cubs’ offense forgetting how to score when there are runners on with no outs, and Anthony Rizzo‘s less-than-enthusiastic Chevy commercial on WGN radio, I really don’t have much to say.  Tomorrow is an off day and I’m going to be bored without actual Cubs baseball to discuss.  Thank goodness for the MLB Draft which starts that evening!

I don’t know why the bullpen is as unclutch as they are, and will just chalk it up to inexperience and scrap parts playing like (s)crap.  The offense has its own issues, and the defense is goofy too with Julio Borbon messing up last weekend and Nate Schierholtz just tonight.  It’s rather disheartening when the Houston Astros (now of the AL West) can sweep the Angels but the Cubs are having such trouble putting them away.  Ah well, higher draft pick next year I suppose, and at least the games are more competitive this year than last year when the Cubs were blown out every other day.

This is probably also a good opportunity to tease some news that we will reveal later this week.  You can still follow us here, but definitely stay tuned for more goodies.

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