Jonathan Gray taking Adderall makes me sadderall

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Actually, no…no it doesn’t.

You see, back when I was a wee lad (actually, just in high school and college), kids routinely took stimulants such as NoDoz, Vivarin, energy drinks, coffee, and probably some form of amphetamine to stay up all night and study.  I took a Vivarin once and seriously though my heart was going to explode so I never did it again, but I can see how, with all the pressures of school and activities and the limited hours in the day, one would want to minimize sleep and maximize study time.  With baseball players such as Jonathan Gray, who knows why they take Adderall etc., but it’s not as uncommon as people think.  So I guess my point is…I don’t care that Jonathan Gray took Adderall except in terms of how it affects his draft bonus demands and where he goes.  And if people in baseball don’t really care, then I care even less.  The Draft starts in mere hours and I’m excited.

Let’s do this!

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