All Canada is good for is some random dick jokes

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Today, Roobs told me that the Toronto Blue Jays’ next starting pitchers were going to be Josh Johnson, R.A. Dickey and Chien-Ming Wang.  You don’t have to have that much of a sense of humor to realize the trend.  Naturally, I decided to look it up for myself because this level of serendipity doesn’t happen that often.

It seems that Johnson did start yesterday, and Dickey and Wang would follow him (Dickey tonight, Wang tomorrow).  The next starter after that is Esmil Rogers, which sucks because how am I supposed to make a dick joke out of that?  “Oh say, Mary, how’re you for a good Rogerin’?”  Nah, that sucks.

The Blue Jays, touted as one of the favorites to win the American League East this season, have been nothing short of a disappointment.  The Jays have a payroll roughly $13MM higher than the Cubs, yet are barely a game up on the Cubs at the moment.  They have been plagued by injuries to various starters and underachievement from just about everyone.

But at least we can make a few dick jokes.  Maybe Dickey will get a feel for his (knuckle)balls tonight.  Maybe Wang won’t allow opposing batters to smack his balls deep into the hole at short.  Maybe next time Johnson goes, he will last a little longer.

I’ve got a million of them.

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