Top Ten Reasons Luis Valbuena Will Flip His Bat

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In the bottom of the third inning of the Saturday game against the Houston Astros, Luis Valbuena hit a two-run single…and flipped his bat.  Usually, bat flips are reserved for humongous hits, i.e. a grand slam, but Luis seems to love doing this, almost like he has some weird baseball-related Tourette’s tic.  That got me to wondering…what are the biggest factors in determining whether you will see a Luis Valbuena bat flip?  He’s turned it into an art-form, it’s incredible.

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Top Ten List

Luis Valbuena Bat Flips

  1. Called strikeout – as if to protest the call, because NOBODY strikes out the Valbuena.
  2. Base on balls – yes, this happened.  I am sad that I have no video proof of this and unfortunately cannot download the image from my brain, but it was spectacular.
  3. Hit by pitch – this prevents Luis from having to bash in the pitcher’s head with the bat.
  4. Single – see above
  5. Double – it’s only two bases away from being a home run.
  6. Triple – the bat flip gives him an extra push out of the box.
  7. Home run – obvious reason for doing this, right?
  8. Infield hit – see #6, it helps, okay?
  9. Deep flyout – the extra wind from the bat flip MIGHT have pushed the ball out, but the outfielder just made a really good play.  Luis tips his cap.
  10. Ninja battle – no ninja wants to be anywhere close to a Luis Valbuena bat flip.

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