So winning a championship feels kinda nice

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If you’re from Chicago, or just love hockey in general, you probably noticed that the Chicago Blackhawks are once again Stanley Cup champions.  It’s amazing what will happen when a competent front office takes a once-floundering team and turns it into a perennial contender, and, without exaggeration, forms the best team in hockey this season, strike-shortened but still impressive.  You can see the Wrigley Field marquee also congratulating the Blackhawks.  I imagine many Cubs fans (whether they are Blackhawks fans or not) are jealous of the recent success of the hometown hockey club.

I did end up watching Games 4, 5 and 6.  I haven’t actually watched NHL hockey consistently since the commissioner decided not to re-up the contract with ESPN (or maybe it was the other way around) but ice hockey used to be my favorite sport along with baseball.  I figured that the ice in Boston (the announcers said it was abnormally hot tonight) was pure crap, probably similar to the surface I used to play on in North Carolina where the weather just wasn’t ideal for good ice.  That led to some funky bounces and guys losing their edge more than expected.  I’m glad that I watched this one all the way through because the major action happened towards the end, when the Boston Bruins were so close to forcing a Game 7 back in Chicago.

Don't Toews me, bro!  (Brian Snyder, Reuters)
Don’t Toews me, bro! (Brian Snyder, Reuters)

So it was pretty awesome when Jonathan Toews scored the equalizer early on, but when Boston went up late in the third period because of misplayed pucks in the defensive zone, it became desperation time to try to at least force overtime.  Why not overtime?  The Hawks seemed to live for it anyway.  So of course they pull the goalie with under two minutes left, then Bryan Bickell scores the tying goal.  At that point I says to myself on the Twitters…



I mean, that made sense. Didn’t wanna stay up too late, and certainly didn’t want a Game 7 (because it’s baseball season, dammit!) so someone should just get this over with. Anyway, 17 seconds later, Dave Bolland scores the eventual game-winner.


No other reaction is appropriate. That was pure Ricestradamus.

So now we have fans out celebrating (hopefully responsibly, though some will invariably be dumbasses), the usual postgame trash talk between fan bases, media guys spouting narrative, and hopefully a full regular season in a few months as the Blackhawks defend their title with a realigned league.  But for those months, the players will hoist their 35-pound trophy and do with it as they please, and the fans will take pride in knowing that a team that was built “the right way” actually went all the way.

#BecauseItsTheCup (Charles Krupa, AP)
(Charles Krupa, AP)

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