Someone actually wants Carlos Marmol?

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A few days ago, the Cubs finally cried “uncle” and designated Carlos Marmol for assignment, effectively saying their farewells to one of the most dominant yet terrible relievers in Cubs history.  There was no way in hell the Cubs were getting anything of consequence back for Marmol in a trade, and now that Marmol resides in DFA limbo (he has to sit ten days before he can be granted his outright release), that possibility is even slimmer.

Then again…


Now the initial reaction I had was, “Those three teams are idiots,” but the more proper way to think about it is that one doesn’t look a gift horse in the mouth.  The Cubs have been able to find takers for just about everything they’ve wanted to trade, and maybe Marmol is no different.  The Cubs may not receive much more than a low-grade PTBNL or some other guy you’ve never heard of, but it is a warm body that isn’t Marmol, so there’s always a silver lining.  To the powers that be, I say…


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