Dreamcast 21.2 – Super meatball mode

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This is side two to Episode 21 because our show was too big.

Side one link
Over But Low link

MUSIC BY: Lath and Plaster and DJ Krav
@IanMiller ALSO @ProductiveOuts

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Twitterz: @WSDreaming_Cubs @CubicSnarkonia @MRubio52 @Spike1057

  • Toronto Blue Jays talk!
  • LA Baseball
  • The DH is coming but I still don’t like it
  • Blame steroids for everything
  • Especially for Chris Davis
  • Barry Bonds and Chris Davis
  • Biogenesis and Alex Rodriguez
  • Are steroids evil?
  • Hall of Fame guys?
  • Carlos BeltranScott RolenJamie Moyer, and Curt Schilling
  • We puttin’ Steve Kerr in the Hall of Fame?
  • Blackhawks celebration
  • I was watching Yasiel Puig during the game
  • What would the Cubs World Series celebration look like?
  • “I meant put a condom on your penis”
  • White Sox talk with Mauricio Rubio and Andy Welebir
  • Sell everything
  • White Sox are for sale
  • Is Chris Sale for sale?
  • Why for not trade Paul Konerko?
  • Trade em, seriously
  • I want both teams to get good again
  • Death of Chicago baseball
  • BAI


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