Top Ten List: Who is Junior Lake Waving Off?

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Junior Lake played left field in today’s Cubs victory over the Giants (which incidentally capped off a sweep).  He got to make a couple of plays, and at one point he waved somebody off.


Who could he be waving off?  There are no foul line fielders.  So let’s do a bit of speculation here…

Top Ten List:

Junior Lake Wave-Off Edition

10. Those overzealous ballboys

You never know when a ball boy will assume a ball is going foul and just go after it, thus messing up a potentially routine play.  Good on Junior for being proactive.

9. Troublemaker fans

Remember when those idiot fans beat up the poor Royals coach all those years ago?  Except this is JUNIOR LAKE.  He’s 6’4″, 200-something pounds of man.  Don’t fuck with Junior Lake even when he’s slumping.

8. All the single ladies

Junior Lake is on a Yasiel Puig-like trajectory right now, except he’s cooled off a bit sooner.  But he’s still pretty dreamy, so he’s got to make sure the ladies stay back and let him do his job.  They can mob him after the game. #swoon

7. Hot dog and beer vendors

Not now, man…I’m working!  Save me some for after the game, though!

6. Tony Campana

No Tony…we don’t miss you.  Sorry dude.

5. Trade rumors

Trade Junior Lake?  Now?  Are you crazy?

4. Regression

Junior doesn’t believe in regression.

3. He was just saying “hi” to God

They’re very religious on the island.

2. Luis Valbuena

Maybe Junior thought he was still in center field and saw Luis out of the corner of his eye?

1. The century of bad luck

Go away, bad luck.  It’s our time.

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