PEDs Suspensions! What Performance Helper Is Next?

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On August 4, 2013, Commissioner Bud Selig, through Major League Baseball, announced the suspensions of thirteen players for using Performance Enhancing Drugs. The players that were suspended include: Alex Rodriguez, Nelson Cruz, Jhonny Peralta, Jesus Montero, Everth Cabrera, Francisco Cervelli and Antonio Bastardo who are all still on Major League rosters. The other six players are in the minor leagues. Ryan Braun of the Milwaukee Brewers was also previously suspended. It is just another black eye on what has been billed as America’s Sport.

The names that stick out to me the most are Alex Rodriquez, who is still playing because he is appealing the decision and Jhonny Peralta. It is a shame that guys that have seemed to be great players now have a tainted if not tarnished images in regards to professional baseball and their abilities to play the game. For the most part, the players have accepted their punishment for doing the crime of gaining an unfair advantage to play and get paid to basically a child’s game. The only one who is balking at the suspension is Rodriguez, who says that he is fighting the process of the investigation and the results. That he is fighting for his livelihood and does not think that process was fair. Well Alex, was it fair that you made a decision to using something that you knew was not acceptable by any standard in your sport/profession to supposedly get back onto the field to play? You initially denied the claim that you were taking PEDs and then finally came clean by admitting that you did. As the old saying goes, commit the crime and get caught, do the time!!!!

It just seems to me that Major League Baseball at least (trust me I wonder about the National Football League, National Basketball Association and the National Hockey League) is only going down a drain that is slowly but surely seemingly becoming a typhoon/hurricane in reality. Which makes me ask: why are the likes of Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, Rafael Palmeiro and such, being considered for the Baseball Hall of Fame? (Yes I know Palmeiro is not a HofA candidate) Did these players not work to obtain an unfair advantage that changed the game of baseball? How is it that betting on your baseball team as a manager of a Major League Baseball team is a worse offense (one that has banned Pete Rose for life for a game that he loves so much)? We all know about Rose’s career as a player, (the career hits record holder) and yet a player uses steroids or performance enhancing drug of some sort and you only get basically a minor suspension versus a lifetime ban. Yes Pete Rose did allegedly bet on baseball when he managed the Reds and was able to do things in order to help his gambling addiction.  Rose was caught to what ever level it was; yet, use drugs of any kind, whether recreational or performance enhancing, does not permanently bar a player from being part of America’s Past Time. To me there is something smelly and fishy about the World of Professional Sports and Major League Baseball just got a tad smellier.  The other thing to attempt to figure out, is what is the next big drug other than steroids or HGH that will enhance a player’s performance, and how will baseball deal with it then?

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