Win 55 and the drive towards mediocrity

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The Chicago Cubs just won their 55th game of the 2013 season, which doesn’t sound all that great, except for the part where it took them until September 10 to get win #55 last season.  Starlin Castro broke up the no-hitter early (are you still participating in our No-Hit Streak Contest?) and the Cubs had just enough offense and just enough Jeff Samardzija and Kevin Gregg to eke out the victory.

The Cubs now sit at 55-74, still good for the #4 pick in next year’s draft, still not good enough to get out of the cellar just yet even though Milwaukee lost.  With the win, the Cubs only need six more in the remaining 33 games to tie last year’s total, seven to surpass, and eight to avoid 100 losses.  Even a shitty team like this can probably dredge up eight wins in 33 games, but stranger things have happened.

Tonight’s game had some milestones as Jeff Samardzija passed last year’s career high in innings pitched.  Tonight’s victory gave Jeff 176.1 IP with more than a month to go, so he should have a good shot at getting to 200 IP.

Darwin Barney (!) also matched a career high with seven homers as he opened the scoring tonight with a deep drive at Petco of all places.  They did move the fences in, so maybe that helped.  Darwin also has a month-plus to beat his old career high.

The bullpen has been shaky at times and the offense has been anemic since Alfonso Soriano left town, but the Cubs are still staying in games even though they lose more than they win.  Despite the team being terrible for all intents and purposes, they have been fun to follow in between all the random frustrations of being a Cubs fan.  When Jeff Samardzija struck out Logan Forsythe to end the eighth and preserve the lead, he had a great reaction and so did a lot of Cubs fans that I follow on Twitter.  We’re still passionate but realistic.  This team isn’t going anywhere this year, but let’s see what happens this offseason

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