Cubs Eliminated From Playoff Contention (But You Kinda Knew That Already)

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You knew it was going to happen.

One day after being eliminated from the National League Central division race, the Chicago Cubs were eliminated from the National League Wild Card race as well.  No, they can’t even qualify for the second wild card.  It’s done.  Finito.  Over.  Ende.  Sorry.  And even if they won, they might have been eliminated tonight anyway if the Cincinnati Reds ended up beating the Los Angeles Dodgers.  At 60-82, they are also assured a losing record.  Again.

The Cubs couldn’t score enough runs against the Milwaukee Brewers and remain in the basement of the Central.  The good news is that they still haven’t been no-hit since the Sandy Koufax perfect game, so there’s always a small victory in there to cheer about.  Scott Baker didn’t suck.  Junior Lake homered.  James Russell sucked.  Such is 2013.

Now a lot of you have moved on to football/#handegg and that’s cool.  I’m still watching baseball.  The Cubs have time to beat last year’s record and avoid 100 losses.  They have some arms and bats to evaluate in a short September.  There are some impact players to look at coming up.  It’s not the end of the world.  See you next year if you’ve checked out, and good to have you if you’re toughing it out until the bitter end and into October baseball.

No Cubs in October though, I’m afraid.

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One Reply to “Cubs Eliminated From Playoff Contention (But You Kinda Knew That Already)”

  1. Still watching on WGN America, and will do so until the bitter end. Nice to see the Cubs working in some of the young players, but I’m REALLY getting tired of my wife (herself a lifelong Cubs fan from Wilmette) yelling at the TV, “Who the hell is THAT?” every time some mid- to late-season call-up comes to bat. I think I’ve explained Donnie Murphy’s origins to her about 100 times now!

    JD is finally starting to come out of the dullness funk that’s affected his rapport in the booth all season long, but maybe it’s just because it’s a lost season and he’s getting punchy. You’d think he’d be used to having to explain to viewers, day after day, why the home team sucks so bad, having arrived here from Houston. Still miss Brenly BAD, but at least JD’s no Joe Carter <>.

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