The Odd Stories That Could Only Happen to the Cubs: The Billy Goat

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As our series on the supposed “curses” that have prevent the Chicago Cubs from winning the World Series, we finally get to the most well known of the many fables. I am, of course, talking about the infamous “Billy Goat curse” that has been responsible for the lack of World Series appearances since 1945. Because this is the most well known of the curses, I will likely make this the shortest of any of them, which is likely good news for those who do not enjoy lengthy blogs.

To understand the nature of this “curse” and how things came to be, you must first understand Bill Sianis. In 1934, two months after the prohibition was lifted, the Greek immigrant bought a bar across the street from the old Chicago Stadium. In the months that followed, Sianis rescued a baby goat that had fallen off a truck right in front of his tavern. After having nursed the goat back to health and (as stated in a previous blog from “curse” series) named him Murphy. He then changed the name of the tavern to honor the goat; that is how “The Billy Goat Tavern” was born.

Using the goat as a publicity stunt to gain notoriety and attention for his tavern, Sianis snuck the goat into several different public settings, the most notable was game four of the 1945 World Series. The long time Cubs fan bought two tickets for the game, one for himself and one for Murphy.

Before the game started, P.K. Wrigley allowed Sianis and his goat to parade around the field with the animal wearing a sign that read “We Got Detroit’s Goat”. At some point during the game though, after receiving complaints about the goat’s odor, Wrigley asked him and his goat to leave.

This is where the exact details tend to vary. According to some who claim to be eye witnesses, Sianis walked out of Wrigley Field and declared that “them Cubs, they ain’t gonna win no more”. The family of Sianis though claims that he sent a telegram to Mr. Wrigley after being booted out which read “You are going to lose this World Series and you are never going to win another World Series again. You are never going to win a World Series again because you insulted my goat.”

Whichever way the “curse” was placed, and what the exact meaning is remains a mystery because what was exactly said remains unknown. Some believers claim that his “curse” meant they would never play another World Series game in Wrigley field, while others simply believe the meaning is simply as what has been stated, that the Cubs will never win another World Series, ever again.

Sadly, this “curse” gets brought up every year the Cubs reach the playoffs. The networks feel the need to bring up this old folk tail every time the Cubs look to have a team that could break the “curse”. With every year that passes, with every playoff series loss that comes along, this “curse” gains more steam.

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