Baseball is Boring

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Yesterday was a classic pitchers’ duel that almost resulted in the first league championship series no-hitter in MLB history.  Tonight turned from absolute dominance by Max Scherzer into an epic comeback for the ages as Boston tied Detroit going back to the Motor City for Game 3 come Tuesday.  Baseball is so boring.

I do want to take an aside to say that throwing back home runs is dumb, and it’s even dumber (and probably worthy of a punch to the face) if you try to rip the ball out of another fan’s hand to throw said home run ball back. If it were me, I’d have kept the ball. The other fans in the bleachers can suck it. My ball. I caught it. You don’t have the right to tell me what to do and I can just block you out.

Back to baseball.  Scherzer no-hit the Red Sox through five, and was masterful through his seven innings.  Then the wheels came off as the Red Sox, capped off by David Ortiz‘s first-pitch grand slam, tied the game in the eighth inning.  We can take another aside to say how Theo Epstein had nothing to do with the 2013 team, even though he brought David Ortiz into the fold as part of the core for the past decade, except that Theo is overrated or something.  And the funny thing is, Torii Hunter was within six inches of making a spectacular play.  Torii Hunter might be a screwed-up human being on some issues, but damn did I applaud that effort and I was glad he was okay after that sick tumble into Boston’s bullpen.

Yeah, the game took almost four hours.  We missed #WeirdBaseball by a few minutes.  But every single moment of that game, from Scherzer’s billion strikeouts to the hits over/off the Green Monster to the ultimate comeback by the home team was captivating.  Whoever said baseball is boring obviously doesn’t pay attention.

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