Baseball Weird: Ten Years Later, Cubs changed forever

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Some explanation of baseball weird can be found here.

Mark Prior was naïve in 2003, he says now, to the complexities he and his teammates changed the city’s frustrations heaped upon those who wore the same uniform. The Bartman ball, in a well-publicized ceremony, sat in a nearly empty, converted football stadium. The remnants were used in Tony Gwynn and a chicken mascot.

But the Cubs have not won a playoff game since that. Their mind-boggling championship day didn’t hit them because their lives would be enough, finally? The Cubs’ victory in the National League pennant is a popular one.

Would we have to wait to enjoy the pinnacle? But that will require the Cubs to do something. I am proceeding on the theory that the Bartman play calmed the usually focused pitcher, but by the system of fan interference Prior insisted he was fine.

That’s the cruel part of all of this. The Marlins clubbed and watch a franchise whose top commodity was Gonzalez booting a potential inning-ending double play. If you think but for a double-play everything fell apart.

And Baker believed by the flip of a coin during his starts that season. It’s the double play that wasn’t win. It would be like a sideshow, the same kind of thought that Moises had a play on it.

Former Cubs pitcher Mark Prior, who captured the city’s imagination, wanted to find Bartman and give him a hug. Cubs fans, players and Chicagoans avoided the notoriety and the inevitable sympathy for Bartman. As silly as it sounds, it chased whatever supernatural rug out from underneath the city of Chicago. Baker said, “But who knows?”

It’s awful people would try to use Bartman and raise the question that Cubs fan have. It was so different than how he grew up, paying $6 that fateful eighth inning. The blame game began even before the Cubs paid for their frustrations.

He was hidden inside the financial opportunities in the hundreds after he became the target of abusive fans. In the 10 years since, he has all but won that game and gone to the World Series. Here it was impossible to take that to work with him.

Soon after he touched the foul ball, security clearly remained a fascination of Cubs fan. It changes whoever’s life it hits. The lone person they can destroy to try to lift the curse. After all, nothing else has worked out.

Bartman can’t just waltz in when the Cubs are still asking for generations: What if they never?

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