Why did Girardi Choose to Stay a Yankee Manager

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Joe Girardi‘s return as manager of the New York Yankees was all about family.

FAMILY!!! Many people I know in this world of ours value various things in their life but the #1 thing for me in life like Joe Girardi is the thoughts, feelings of my wife and 2 sons. In Joe Girardi’s case it was the same making sure his families wishes and feelings were taken into account.

Nothing else was more important than pleasing his family who were happy and wanted to stay in New York. Thus it was a no-brainier for Joe to stay on in New York as he was happy there as well. Simple- Happy life, happy children and wife. It’s a boomerang world when you put others first it comes back to you. An old retiring Prudential agent, Paul Hutsey once said “Wear the #2 pin in life by putting others first and seeing where they stand, and if they are happy you will be happy.”

It is nice to hear about the rare person like Girardi; a person who, like myself, will sacrifice for family and always try and put them first. He also needs to be happy of course but really he is focusing on making them happy first.

He gave up more money to make his family happy. Pretty cool. He also earned respect from many many people. Keep in mind the window for the future for him is also open. At 48 he is so young and as his children are young. Pleasing them, keeping them in there same schools, etc. is so so key to their happiness. Way to go Joe!!!

FAMILY comes first** Good luck with your career and family- your wife, KIM, son,Dante(11) and daughters,Serena(14) and Lina(6). You are a great example for all of us to always make sure are spouses and children’s feelings and wishes are taken into account when we make career and other decisions!


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