Late night thoughts of Samardzija

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Taking a break from stupid movie night to Twitter a bit.  I did get to watch “Expendables 2” which was mindlessly violent and silly fun.  I really should be grading papers and preparing for next week, but I don’t want to.  Instead I’m thinking of trade scenarios because I miss baseball.  Later on I’ll watch Breaking Bad with the wife.

One of the more commonly mentioned trade partners for the Cubs in the Jeff Samardzija sweepstakes is the Arizona Diamondbacks.  You may recall once upon a time when I was wondering about Jeff’s trade value.  Now I’m not saying that he’ll definitely be traded or extended, but it’s still fun to think about and ponder how the Cubs plan to go about this team building thing.  We can take a look at the Diamondbacks’ top prospects, and this list by a D’Backs blogger is as good as any.

An impromptu conversation with Braves blogger 5ToolsPIE led to this exchange:

Regarding the trade idea…


Regarding who the Cubs might expect in return…

Regarding the Cubs front office’s ability to make impressive trades…



That’s kind of encouraging from a third-party observer.  The two prospects in question are Tyler Skaggs, who had a horrible time in his brief call-ups over the past two seasons, and Archie Bradley, who is considered one of the best pitching prospects in baseball.  This makes sense because Jeff Samardzija, while erratic so far in his career as a major league starter, is still valuable, eats innings, and has some crazy good stuff if he could ever figure it out.  If you trade him, you want to replace him with guys who can eventually produce at least as well as Jeff has so far, guys who can plug into the major league rotation and toss quality innings.  Whether Arizona is desperate enough (even if they need pitching) is up in the air, but they have been linked to potential trade talks recently.

The question is how the Cubs plan to construct their rebuild-to-contend rotation going forward.  Is Samardzija part of the plan?  What about Masahiro Tanaka or maybe even Scott Baker again?  That should factor into how aggressively the Cubs shop Samardzija, and Arizona’s own desire to stay relevant in the National League West may aid that cause.

General Manager meetings are being held this coming week.  Maybe Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer will get Kevin Towers super drunk and steal a few prospects.

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