Wrigley Shenanigans Afoot!

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Fran Spielman just tweeted her latest article on the ever-developing Wrigley Field renovation saga.  It seems that a lot of the neighbors aren’t too pleased about the Cubs getting their way (except for the whole “rooftops please don’t sue us” thing).

The Cubs got the go-ahead Thursday to take another ten feet of street and sidewalk — and sell advertising on a “branding arch” over Clark Street — over the objections of residents who live around 99-year-old Wrigley Field.

Area residents were so angry about the Chicago Plan Commission’s decision to enlarge the stadium footprint at their expense to accommodate wider aisles, more concessions and a larger Budweiser deck, they branded Mayor Rahm Emanuel the team’s “most valuable player” for 2013.


I admit that I do not live in the neighborhood, although I visit it quite a bit.  I mean, a Chicago Cubs fan in Chicago really doesn’t have any excuse NOT to go to Wrigleyville, amirite?  Traffic blows on game days, which is why I use the CTA.  Residents are probably more than aware of the home game schedule, and helpful sites like this are there for their reference too.

We can always go back and forth and talk about the chicken-and-the-egg conundrum with who deserves more concessions…the multimillion dollar professional baseball franchise that significantly drives the local economy, or the neighbors who forgot that they’re living next to said professional baseball franchise.  I’m always going to side with the Cubs here as long as the demands aren’t too unreasonable.  Wrigley needs to be modernized.  It needs to be expanded.  It needs MORE to survive into the next century.  I don’t see how that’s difficult to accept, but again, I don’t live there.  I just visit every now and then.

The Cubs are using these concessions to know what they can build with their own money, like a home improvement project.  As for when they can start…

Asked Thursday when the team would finally begin construction, Lufrano would only say, “We’re getting very close…Stay tuned.”


I’m tired of staying tuned, but what choice do we have?

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One Reply to “Wrigley Shenanigans Afoot!”

  1. Don’t ask for what the Cubs can do for you but what you can do for the Cubs.
    These people that live by the ball park reminder me of the people that live by the airport. They knew when they moved there was loud planes going over there homes they have no right to complain, same thing here. You live next to a ball park there is going to be traffic and l loud fans.

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