Because Wrigleyville needs more drunkenness

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As the Cubs, the city of Chicago and the Wrigleyville neighbors work (or not, whatever) towards ironing out their differences so Tom Ricketts can finally throw money at some contractors, we are treated to this article by Danny Ecker:

The Chicago Bears, Cubs and White Sox would all be able to sell alcohol in a plaza outside their stadiums under a new ordinance introduced to City Council today by 44th Ward Ald. Tom Tunney.


The funny part is this:

For Wrigley’s purposes, however, Ald. Tunney also worked in specific clauses to limit the number of points of sale a plaza can have as well as a maximum noise level it can have.

Telling a bunch of drunk people not to make noise is like telling a dog in mid-squat to stop taking a dump in your petunia bed.

Anyway…I’m sure that the citizens of Wrigleyville are going to love yet another watering hole in their otherwise idyllic neighborhood.  Assuming the Cubs can figure out how to not get sued by the rooftops, the neighbors are going to have to deal with more night games, a Jumbotron, AND slightly more drunken fools than usual out on the streets.  I’m going to sit back and eat some popcorn now while I watch this unfold.

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