Pre-Thanksgiving Samardzija Check

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We are getting ready for Turkey Day, and also gearing up for the Winter Meetings.  The word on the street is that Jeff Samardzija will likely be traded before Opening Day, possibly before the Winter Meetings.  We’ve been hearing this for weeks now, with some recent developments on Saturday night.  The intrepid Tom Loxas with all his random sources has this to say:



Tom’s sources suggest that the Arizona Diamondbacks are trying to move a shortstop to a third team in order to secure Samardzija’s services from the Cubs.  In this case, it sounds like the other team (Tom suggests the Pirates and Mets via his timeline) needs a shortstop prospect (perhaps Didi Grigorius?) and both of the suggested teams have interesting pieces that can be sent to the Cubs.  So we’re looking at a hypothetical trade that has the Cubs sending Jeff Samardzija to Arizona, Arizona sending a prospect to the Cubs and the shortstop to the third team, and the third team sending their prospects to the Cubs to balance things out.  It sounds a bit dirty and complicated, but there’s a rationale for this for all the rumored teams involved.

Tom obviously can’t name his sources, but with his news corroborated by outside parties, we are inclined to believe that a trade is imminent.  It’s time to prepare to say goodbye to Jeff Samardzija unless he accepts the Cubs’ extension terms.

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One Reply to “Pre-Thanksgiving Samardzija Check”

  1. Cubs trade: Jeff Samardzija and Nate Schierholtz

    Diamondbacks trade: Archie Bradley, Chris Owings, David Holmberg and Adam Eaton

    Mets trade: Rafael Montero

    Cubs get: Archie Bradley, Adam Eaton, David Holmberg and Rafael Montero

    Diamondbacks get: Jeff Samardzija and Nate Schierholtz

    Mets get: Chris Owings

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