No Trade December

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The Detroit Tigers have traded Doug Fister to the Washington Nationals for infielder Steve Lombardozzi and left handed pitchers Robbie Ray and Ian Krol. This is an ok haul for the Tigers. Krol is a reliever and Lombardozzi is most likely a utility infielder. Former Baseball Prospectus writer and current scout for the St. Louis Cardinals Zach Mortimer was high on Ray however, some think the left hander could find his way to be a mid rotation starter.

What does this have to do with the Cubs? Well in case you have been in a coma for the past few months, the Cubs have been shopping a starting pitcher themselves. Jeff Samardzija was considered to be one of the top options on the trade market, with lofty names such as Dylan Bundy, Aaron Sanchez and Marcus Stroman being thrown out there as potential chips in a trade for the Cubs top starter.

Well maybe we should throttle our expectations on what the Cubs get in return. Well, keep in mind that Fister has actually been a better pitcher than Samardzija, and while I said that this package of prospects was certainly reasonable, it is anything but spectacular. There is no big elite prospect in this deal like a Bundy or Sanchez. This is certainly less of a return than was originally expected.

So what does this leave for Samardzija and the Cubs? Well this could mean an extension is far more likely than it was before. If this is the best that the Tigers could get, the market for the Shark might not be as strong as the Cubs were hoping and the prospects that they were hoping for might not be there. This could lead to an increased chance of a long term pact between Shark and the Cubs.  Just a coincidence here:


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