The All Day Sucker

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As any fan of the Chicago Cubs knows, the team is in a very serious rebuilding mode. What that translates to, is not spending big time money on big time players until the organization is ready to compete. Instead of allocating the dollars to the Major League roster, Tom Ricketts and the Cubs are instead spending the money to build up the Minor League system into a very strong system that will be the fruit of the organization for years to come, and will be one of the main reasons the Cubs will be a consistent contender for years to come. There are many reasons why the Cubs are in full rebuild mode, but one of the reasons is to dig out of the massive whole the Tribune Company (and more specifically Sam Zell) left for the Ricketts family when they bought the team.

This is very upsetting to many fans who feel that a major market team should never be rebuilding. They feel as though a big market team should always be spending big time money on big time players in order to win now, and not worry about next year until next year. Unfortunately, this is a very popular believe among a healthy percentage of Cub fans.

However, the Cub fans are not the only ones who are upset by the Cubs refusal to open the coughers and spend big time dollars on the top players in free agency. One of the biggest and most vocal people against the Cubs rebuilding plans is super agent Scott Boras who has gone on record several times saying the same thing as many fans, that a major market team should be spending big money on players in free agency. In fact, today, Boras referred to the Cubs rebuilding plan as an “all day sucker” What Boras meant by that, as he later explained, is because the plan takes a long time to dissolve.

Hold on there guys, before you start pounding your chest saying something like “see, he agrees with us”, remember just one thing. He does not care about the Cubs long term success, or about you the faithful Cubs fan. All he cares about is money. All he cares about is getting as many teams as possible to bid on his clients in order to get as big of a pay day for them as possible. Getting another big time, big market team to bid on his clients will easily help increase the contract dollar and length he can get for his clients.

Boras went on to say that the Cubs had the capacity to sign any player they wanted, whenever they wanted to. He makes mention of how the Cubs had dramatically more revenue than most clubs do. Boras went on to say that the only question was whether or not the player fit their plan, and if the deal was good business or not. He also made mention of waiting until the time was right for them to make a signing.

This is also the argument of the percentage of the fan base who believes that a big market team should never rebuild.
From the sounds of the tweeted Boras quotes, you could make the assumption that he knows and understands all about the Cubs plans. He understands what they are trying to do, he just does not agree with the plans, but not because he does not think they will work. He is just frustrated that a team that could help him boost the value of one of his clients is just sitting on the sidelines, which is taking money out of the pockets of his clients and his own.

Well Cub fans, if you are against the rebuild as I know many of you are, congratulations. You have one of the most vocal people in all of baseball on your side. The question is, do you really want to align yourself with him.

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