If the Cubs sign Masahiro Tanaka…

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Being a fan of the Chicago Cubs, I know how they think and how they react. That being said, if the Cubs sign Masahiro Tanaka to a deal in the coming days or weeks, I hope like hell he is as good as advertised and lives up to the hype that has made him a must get for every team in the Major Leagues. I am not wishing he has success because his presence will do wonders for the Cubs and make them a better team, I just do not want to deal with the reactions if he is a total bust.

Remember when the Cubs signed Alfonso Soriano? Cub fans loved the signing. The could not believe that they were actually able to land the biggest fish on the market. The hype for Soriano did not last too long. A good majority of fans jumped off his band wagon rather quickly, and they were demanding the Cubs dump him immediately. We put up with the complaints about Soriano for almost seven years before the Cubs finally traded him,and then a good majority of fans complained that they traded their best player.

Need another example? Sadly, I remember the hype that followed around Kosuke Fukudome when he was playing baseball in the Japanese league. His dominance had baseball fans drooling over him a year before he came over to the big leagues; fans of every team were crossing their fingers and praying that their team would be the one who signed him to play baseball. What happens next is hilarious. The Cubs win the rights to him, sign him to a four year deal, and he falls on his face here. Those same fans who were all excited about his arrival started bashing the Cubs for signing him, calling him a waste of money.

I just want to know how serious Cub fans are about their interest in the Cubs signing him, and if they seriously want them to spare no expense in signing him. Many Cub fans are hoping the team surprises them with a Christmas gift of Tanaka, and their wish may well come true. The Cubs are reportedly all in for Tanaka as they desperately want to sign him. One report from Buster Olney suggests that he could get near $150 Million in a deal to pitch for a big league team.

My question to you Cub fans who want him, is that too much to offer for Tanaka’s services? I am sure there will be many fans who will not care what they have to pay to get him on the Cubs, because after all, they are not spending their money. They just want him on the Cubs no matter the cost. All they care about is performance.

My question though, is if you are one of those fans who want him badly no matter the cost, are you also going to be one of those fans who turns tail and runs if he does not pitch so well? Will you be yelling at the Cubs front office, calling for the heads of Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer if Tanaka turns out to be a complete bust? The Cubs have a long history of not spending on big name free agents and more often than not, they have come out smelling like roses. But there have been times when they have, and the deal has come back to bite them in the ass.

For the Cubs sake as a franchise, for our sanity here at World Series Dreaming, I hope like hell he works out. I am not sure I can handle hearing fans demand the Cubs do whatever they have to do in order to sign Tanaka; only to then start bad mouthing the Cubs for signing him if he fails.

Sure, you cannot make an omelet without breaking a few eggs, you have to spend money to make money, you can never succeed if you never even try. There are many more sayings I could list, but I think you get my point. I just hope you fans know what you are getting into as far as the Tanaka sweepstakes are concerned. In Japan he was a total stud, but that does not mean he will be one here in the states where the competition is so much better.

In the end, whether he succeeds or fails, I do not want to hear any complaining. Because in the end, you the Cub fan got exactly what you asked for.

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  1. Cubs fans are just desperate to win a World Series and they want to compete for it every year. I don’t think tanaka will be on the same level as Darvish but I think he’ll be a strong 2. One of the reasons cubs should go after him is that he’s not tied to draft pick compensation as other pitchers of his caliber would be. I give props to Theo and Jed for how they are rebuilding the cubs, they are taking a lot of criticism for not putting a competing team on the field but if we had one we would not have many of the prospects that are going to play a key role for us in the future.

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