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Hello fellow Cubs fans! I saw Anno’s call out asking for female fans who love the Cubbies and love to write, so here I am. I’m excited to participate in this site with the other bloggers and readers and talk about my favorite team!

I’ve been a Cubs fan as far back as I can remember. When I was about 4, my uncle had a stuffed Cubbie bear complete with Cubs jersey and hat… and I loved that little bear. He jokingly told me I was only allowed to play with it if I rooted for the Cubbies; I took him seriously and started cheering on the Cubs – and have never looked back! My favorite player is Andre Dawson, because I have such fond childhood memories of watching him play. I was ecstatic when he finally got into the Hall of Fame and feel it was long overdue.

My first MLB game was Cubs/Phillies¬†at Citizens Bank Park in 2009; my husband’s birthday gift to me that year was two tickets and a Fukudome jersey (which I still have hanging in my closet). My beloved Cubbies lost in the 13th inning, and you could actually see me pouting on SportsCenter; the game-winning homerun landed just a few rows in front of our seats, and amidst the sea of red-clad Phillies fans on their feet cheering, there I sat in my white jersey with my arms crossed scowling. Ah, well… you win some, you lose some. My hubby and son are Nationals fans (still trying to convert them…) but my daughter loves the Cubs! Last year on Mother’s Day we went to a Cubs/Nats game in DC, and the Cubbies won.

As much as I enjoy watching my Cubs play on TV, in Philly, and in DC, my dream was to visit Wrigley. Last year, my mom bought me and my husband two tickets (great seats!) for my birthday, and we decided to go in June to celebrate our anniversary. Many women might ask for shiny diamonds for anniversaries, but I prefer baseball diamonds. We drove the 10 hours to Chicago and spent the first day enjoying the city and doing all the typical tourist destinations (and we LOVED Chicago!), but I was counting down the hours until we could go to Wrigley the next day. I made sure we got there right when the gates opened so we could spend the maximum amount of time at the ballpark; there ended up being a rain delay from a storm that moved in, so I got my wish for a long visit to the park… and loved every minute of it! The Cubs even won that day (we chose a game against the Astros because I thought that was a safe bet to see that W flag waving…). We plan on visiting again this year, and hope to eventually visit all the baseball parks in the country.

The 2007 and 2008 seasons were a rollercoaster for me; as much as I enjoyed seeing them do so well, it was heartbreaking to come so close but not quite get there. I so wanted to see them win it all with Sweet Lou at the helm, but alas, we all know how that went. I trust in Theo though, and I believe within a few years we will get our World Series!

Oh, and I like Clark the Bear.

Go Cubs Go!

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