Instant Replay and a Family Disagreement

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If there is one thing that has been widely known about me – but not so much by you, as of yet – it is that I have always been a bit of a tomboy. This is partially due to being raised by a retired sportscaster father-turned-stay at home Dad while Mom worked (and I must admit that I feel I’m better for the experience).  I attended MLB training camps with Dad in the late 1980s/early 1990s as we tried to get a family friend’s teenage son (and his 94-96 mph fastball) seen by scouts from various teams around the Midwest. Many a weekend morning, I would awaken bright and early, oftentimes before sunrise, and travel with Dad and our young pitcher friend to Riverfront Stadium in Cincinnati, Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh, Southern Atlantic League stadiums in West Virginia or other locations around the Midwest, trying to ensure that the young man’s talent was seen.

Two things were very apparent in my childhood: Dad and I were sports fans, through and through; Mom, sadly, was not and especially not when it came to baseball, a game she has always felt – and still feels to this day – as a sport too long and slow to keep her interest.

When the news broke of expanded Instant Replay in the Majors beginning this season, I took a minute to ask my Mother for her feedback, already figuring her response. Of course, her belief is that the time needed to review plays and/or calls would only serve to make an already slow game, slower. I tried to argue that ending the lengthy manager/ump not-so-friendly banter would alone serve to speed the game. She is not convinced, thinking it is trading one slow vice for another, if you will.

Ladies, especially, but men — you may chime in as well — do you agree that the game is already too slow? Do you think that Instant Replay will be a good thing or make the game, already crawling at a snail’s pace, even longer? I tend to think Mom’s viewpoint is very much in the minority on this and I welcome the expansion, but I would be interested to hear your thoughts.


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