The Irrationally Optimistic Tanaka Timeline (Updated)

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Let’s start with what we know so far…

From earlier today, we know that Bruce Levine said the Cubs were considered the front-runners for the Masahiro Tanaka sweepstakes.  We also know that at least four other teams, which include the Yankees, Dodgers, White Sox and Diamondbacks, are in the mix.  All including the Cubs are thought to have submitted offers in the neighborhood of 6+ years, $100MM+.  The Cubs’ offer, depending on who said it and who you believe, is thought to be 7-8 years for at least $160MM, not including the $20MM post fee.  Tanaka has until Friday, January 24 at 4 PM Central to sign with his new team or else he stays in Japan.

If we assume, rather optimistically, that the Cubs were successful in convincing Tanaka to come to Chicago, and we’ll ignore this one from Gordo for now because we hate party poopers:


Seriously, Gordo is totally like this right now:

Okay back to what I’m talking about.

Let’s assume that Tanaka calls the Cubs and says, “Hey, I’ll take your money.”  That would have to be around Monday for us (beware the International Date Line!).  Japan is far away (and even if he went to LA this would be true) so he’d take quite a bit to fly in to North America, so Tuesday would be a travel day.  He arrives in town on Tuesday, gets wined and dined, then prepares for a physical on Wednesday.  He was supposed to have seen doctors in Los Angeles on his earlier trip to America but the Cubs and other teams are likely to want to double and triple check things, make sure his arm won’t fall off, yada yada.  Physicals are done by Thursday, press conference Friday.

Conceivably we would know where Tanaka is going the moment he sets foot on the plane by Tuesday-ish.  The paparazzi would never lose his scent, and that should set off a few fireworks early next week.


UPDATE 11:12 PM: A bit more pah-tee pooping…


But “tough to land” doesn’t mean “impossible” so we’re still okay. Also:

Looks like the timeline I wrote about above is pretty much on the ball. I assume the 5 PM means Eastern time.

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