NORAD Tanaka Tracker

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We’re still on track with our optimistic Masahiro Tanaka timeline.  There are so many Twitter rumors out there that nobody knows what’s going on at this point, though we’re all agreeing on a few things:

  1. Tanaka has to sign a contract, no strings attached, no contingencies, finally final, by Friday, January 24, at 4 PM Central Time.
  2. Tanaka needs to get to North America at some point, and most flights from Japan take from 10-16 hours depending on the destination.
  3. Tanaka probably needs another physical from the team he agrees to sign with as a precaution.

NoradTanaka2We’re on track to see Tanaka hop a plane at some point tonight (their Wednesday morning) which means he’ll touch down in his ultimate destination sometime tomorrow (our Wednesday).  We have no clue where he’s going to go, but the Cubs are still in the running and so are the Yankees.  The Dodgers aren’t to be counted out yet, and the Diamondbacks and White Sox are lurking as well.  Too bad we don’t really have a NORAD Tanaka Tracker, but this was a fun little 10-minute project anyway.  Stay tuned!

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