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Ah yes, that time of year is here once again! The Baseball Season is just about two months away and that means the beginning of the Fantasy Baseball season.

This year at World Series Dreaming, we are taking the Fantasy Baseball season as seriously as we are the real baseball season. We put out feelers to our fans to see who would be interested in participating in our league this year, and we got over 60 people who voiced their desire to take part in the Inaugural World Series Dreaming Fantasy Baseball League (WSDFBL). I took note of everyone who said they would like to participate, and all who wanted in will be in the league. Once the leagues are created, I will send out the invitations.

At this present moment, we are not looking for any new teams as we have a pretty extensive list. Once the leagues are set up, and invites are sent out to those who already requested a spot, I will ask if there are others who are interested if there is a need for more teams.

While we did have a league last year, that was just for fun, testing the waters. Starting this year, the winner of the WSDFBL will actually win a prize. What that prize is, has yet to be determined, but there WILL be a prize for the ultimate winner.

I know what you are thinking. How can all 60 volunteers be in the WSDFBL? The answer is because there will be multiple leagues all run by World Series Dreaming. In fact, there are going to be four leagues of 16 teams each. Each league will run a normal Fantasy Baseball Season, which includes playoffs. Exactly half the league (eight teams per league) will be in the playoffs. In the end, each of the individual leagues will have a champion. But each champion WILL NOT win a prize. To determine the ultimate winner, I will take each league’s Champion and put them side by side. Whichever Champion has the best winning percentage will be the overall winner. If there are two or more teams with the same record, whichever one of those teams that has the highest point total will be the overall winner.

I put this out there in order to avoid any confusion or arguments at the end of the year as to who won the league.

Each league will operate under the same rules, so there cannot be any complaints as to one team from one league having an unfair advantage when the Champions of each league get matched up to determine the Ultimate Winner.

Each league will be an auto draft. I am sorry to those who want to have a live draft, but with this many people, having a live draft that meets everyone’s time frame is impossible. The auto draft will be set to be run on the same day for each league. The switch will be switched to ready no sooner than March 1 for the auto draft to be run. The auto draft switch will be flipped on March 1.

Each league will be a head to head league. I am sorry for all those who like the roto-leagues, but there were not enough people who wanted to be in a roto-league.

I will do my best to keep everyone in each league up to date with the best teams in each league. I will do this by trying to post a short recap blog once a week, listing the top three teams, their records and their point totals. This will allow to know how much ground you have to make up, or protect. I will do this until the playoffs start, so you can concentrate fully on winning your individual league.

With that said, good luck to each and every one of you. May be best Fantasy General Manager win!

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