A World Series Dreaming Contest

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With baseball season just around the corner, here at World Series Dreaming, we want to make some updates. If you have been a fan of our Facebook page or  twitter the past few seasons, you know that we post a home run call every time a member of the Chicago Cubs hits a home run.

The current home run call goes like this. “Swung on & theres a drive! Its To The Track, To The Wall! Bye Bye Baseball! (Insert players name) with a #Cubs home run! ”

While I still enjoy that home run call, I think we could use an updated one. Perhaps a call that is a little more unique, and is set apart from others. That is why I am looking to you, our fans for help and suggestions. Give us your best shot, and best home run call. If your home run call is deemed the best my a staff vote, you will win a World Series Dreaming T-Shirt.

The Rules:

1. This contest is open to EVERYONE. Cub fan, Sox fan, Cardinal fan, whoever.

2. All entries MUST be submitted in the comments section if this blog. NOT on Facebook or Twitter. Any given via twitter or Facebook will not be accepted.

3. You can enter as many times as you wish, but each entry must be in their own comment. No multiple calls in a comment.

4. All entries MUST be 140 characters or less once player names are inserted. This is so when we post them on Facebook for each home run, nothing is cut off when they are automatically transferred to twitter.  Try to do something to accommodate long names like Samardzija or Schierholtz.

5. All entries will be under consideration by the World Series Dreaming staff. Whichever call gets the majority of votes will win. Bonus points will be given if you are able to work World Series Dreaming into your call, but does not mean you will be a favorite to win.

6. All entries must be submitted no later than March 1 by 12:00 pm CST (Chicago time)

7. For the contest to be official we must get at least 10 different people to submit an entry.

Thank you and good luck to all!

19 Replies to “A World Series Dreaming Contest”

  1. That ball is driven way back, to the track, to the wall, this park cannot hold this one. Touch ’em all, INSERT NAME HERE!

  2. We have contact…back back…to the bricks and ivy…touch em all…and (Cubs player) is world series dreaming! Home Run!

  3. “[Player surname] gets ahold of one! THIS one is high! THIS one is deep! THIS one is headed for [Insert nearby geographical state/city/region]. GONE! A three-run Cubbie dinger!”

  4. (insert player’s name) with a #rickettescheap homerun! This one coming in at only (divide player’s salary by number of homerunes hit)!
    Hey, it’s complex, but I like it.

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