Road to Opening Day: #39

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In the blink of an eye, Opening Day will be here.  Click here to check out our countdown lineup.

Avoid the Seat Nazis!

When I go to Wrigley Field, I usually get some of the cheapest seats possible.  That’s because I know at some point I can move around the stadium to get better seats.  So, I spend the $10 or whatever I have to in order to get a ticket to the 500s, then wait until the third inning to mosey on down to somewhere else.  The third inning is usually when both lineups have turned over at least once, so I’ve gotten to see everyone bat already.  By going down to concessions to get another drink, I can then sneak back up to the 400s, or to the low 200s closer to home plate where most of the action is.  pappas_tour

The ushers are more lax around the upper deck and in the 200s, but they get super vigilant when you try to sneak into the 100s and beyond.  However, the 400s seem to be the best seats to grab all the action without any obstructions, and the 200s aren’t bad as long as you’re not sitting behind a pole.

It might be kinda fun to have Milt Pappas as an usher.  I’d sit wherever he wanted me to as long as I got to hear him bitch about that one strike-that-was-called-a-ball.

39 more sleeps…

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