Road to Opening Day: #33

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There’s going to be a Cubs intrasquad game today.  Considering the lack of news, it is probably the most exciting thing we’re going to see until Thursday when Cactus League play begins.  In the meantime, we continue our countdown lineup.

The Cubs Blogosphere

One of the perks of the internet and baseball is how well they mesh together.  Thanks to the internet I have met many folks who are also passionate about baseball, many of whom are much more intelligent than I so I always learn something new every day.  I encourage you all to visit the blogs listed on our sidebar, as well as to visit our blog on ChicagoNow and our blog archives here on the old mother ship.

The big name blog we think you should follow is Cubs Den, our colleague on ChicagoNow.  It is a fine blog headed by John Arguello and our old friend Mauricio Rubio.   Our friends Tom Loxas, he of the random sources, and Tommy Cook also blog on ChicagoNow for the Cubs Insider.

Obviously every Cubs fan should bookmark Bleacher Nation, which is like the MLB Trade Rumors of the Cubs universe these days.  If news hits the Twitters or the internets, you can bet that Brett will have a story on it within an hour.

For the baseball statistics nerds, Obstructed View is populated by analysts and baseball enthusiasts who use advanced metrics to dissect transactions and player profiles.  Very good read and tons of fun in the comments.

That’s just a small sampling of what’s out there.  We’re glad you find the time to hang out with us too.

33 more sleeps to go…

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