Road to Opening Day: #23

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Okay, split-squad action on Friday, with the Cubs losing to the Indians at home (boo) and beating the Angels on the road (yay!).  A couple of cool notes:

Kris Bryant against the Tribe…



And Jorge Soler against the Angels…

The Cubs visit the Reds on Saturday.  Here’s the lineup:


Yesterday, Edwin Jackson decided to throw all fastballs and got knocked around so Rick Renteria is gonna chat with him about that:


Also, James Russell seems to be doing better with the dead-arm thing:

Thank goodness he doesn’t have mono.

Keep an eye on our countdown lineup as we inch closer to Opening Day.


RynoFlagAsk any Cubs fan of this generation who their favorite player was, and a good chunk of them will tout Ryne Sandberg.  The long-time Cubs second baseman was a 10-time All-Star known not just for his bat but for his defense, earning nine straight Gold Glove awards (most of them probably deserved considering how goofy Gold Glove voting is sometimes).  Ryno held the record for most home runs by a second baseman until Jeff Kent came along, and unlike most of the other remaining Cubs Hall of Famers, he actually got to play in the postseason with the 1984 and 1989 clubs that unfortunately couldn’t break through in the NLCS.  Small sample-size alert, but Ryno was one of the few Cubs who showed up in both NLCS appearances, with a robust .385/.457/.641 slash line in 47 plate appearances across ten games.

One of the most memorable games in Cubs lore is when Ryne Sandberg went bonkers against the Cardinals on June 23, 1984.  That blog has the highlight video and needs no explanation; it was awesome to watch a future Hall of Famer snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, with a little help from his friends.  How appropriate that he did it on a date that matches the number on his back!

Many fans clamored for Ryno to be the manager of the Cubs, and for a while, it seemed like he would be.  However, Mike Quade was hired (then fired), and the new Cubs front office respectfully told Ryno they had to go elsewhere.  Ryno eventually got a job as the Phillies’ manager and we wish him the best of luck dealing with the impending disaster Ruben Amaro Jr. gave him.


23 more sleeps.

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