Road to Opening Day: #11

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So there was a late game on Wednesday.  Highlights and crap when I can get to it. Here’s one with Emilio Bonifacio being fast and crafty:

The Cubs ended up losing on a walkoff 3-run homer, but Carlos Villanueva pitched very well and Javier Baez sent another baseball to its death.

In minor leaguer news:


Thursday afternoon, the Cubs host the Mariners at 3:05 PM Central.  The game will be broadcast on Comcast Sports Net Chicago and you can listen to audio via   Mike Olt finally gets a start at third base.  Yay!



Keep on trucking as our countdown lineup continues…

The Arrival of Theo Epstein

He can even walk on water
He can even walk on water

It’s funny how fans work sometimes.

In the beginning, fans were arguing about whether or not pursuing Theo Epstein was even a good idea.  After all, he inherited a really good team and didn’t do much to win his two World Series championships.  Or did he?

Later on, it was a group of fans wondering why Theo Epstein didn’t break the bank on signing free agents like Albert Pujols or Prince Fielder.  The guy had only been on the job for maybe a month or so, and already fans were getting impatient. Y U NO BRING ME WORLD SERIES YESTERDAY?!  (Keep in mind the Cubs had been eliminated from postseason play and Theo was hired in the midst of said postseason, but anyway…)

Theo did bring with him a couple of very smart dudes that turned around the farm system in short order, though.  They never promised a quick fix, but they did promise a plan.  They’ve been transparent and faithful about executing that plan.  It is really no coincidence that, in the middle of the uproar from fans that once again the Cubs refuse to spend, various blogs have come out with articles in support of Theo and the Cubs front office.  Perhaps there was a reason why it was so difficult for Theo and friends to build up the Cubs like they did with the Red Sox years ago.  Perhaps there are logical reasons why the money isn’t flowing as freely as with the Yankees this offseason.  Whatever the reasons, we cannot deny that the Cubs have always been working with an eye on sustainable success.

It is because they have been so faithful to a well thought-out plan that I continue to put my trust in Theo Epstein, Jed Hoyer, and Jason McLeod.  I’m not always happy with Tom Ricketts’ decision to play things so slowly, but hiring Epstein was one decision that I think Cubs fans should support.

11 days.

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