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Unless you have been living under a rock this entire off season, you know that the Chicago Cubs are celebrating the 100th anniversary of Wrigley Field. Hard to believe the crowned jewel of baseball is still standing after all this time, but there she is on Clark and Addison. She is still hosting baseball 81 baseball games every year and welcoming nearly three millions fans every year.

Over the course of a century, Wrigley Field has built up quite a history and has been the home of some rather historic moments. Best selling author George F. Will (Men at Work and Bunts) has compiled all the stories that you have heard, and many others that you have not, in his all new book “A Nice Little Place On The North Side: Wrigley Field At One Hundred” which I was given the honor of being one of the first people to read.

In his new book, Will gives you an in depth look into the history of the Cubs, the city of Chicago and yes, Wrigley Field. Even though I know a lot about the history of the Cubs and Wrigley Field I was amazed at some of the history and stories in his book  “A Nice Little Place On The North Side: Wrigley Field At One Hundred” that eluded me.

Will paints you an amazing picture of what makes Wrigley Field special to him, as well as millions of Cub fans everywhere. He clues you in on little known facts about Wrigley Field, such as the history of “Ladies’ Day” as well as an in depth look at the history of Babe Ruth and why he held a grudge against the Cubs. This book is filled with tidbits about Wrigley Field and various players that have called the place home throughout the past 100 years that will be sure to interest even the most knowledgeable Cub fans. I do not care how much you know about the Cubs, I can guarantee you that Will will provide you with something that you never knew.

To help promote Will’s new book, which hits stores everywhere today, I was approached by a representative of Random House Publishing to not only read an advanced copy but to also write a review of the new book. In addition, I was authorized to give away five copies  of “A Nice Little Place On The North Side: Wrigley Field At One Hundred” to our fans, loyal fans of the Cubs and Wrigley Field enthusiasts.

If you are interested in winning a free copy of Will’s book “A Nice Little Place On The North Side: Wrigley Field At One Hundred” all you have to do is respond to this blog with your favorite Wrigley Field moment. Your Wrigley Field moment can be anything involving Wrigley Field that was memorable for you; anything from an iconic moment in the park’s 100 year history to a special memory from one of your visits to Wrigley.

The RULES are simple:

  • Obviously you will have to write about your Wrigley Field Moment!
  • All submissions MUST be made on THIS BLOG! Submit only ONE memory per person. Multiple entries in the same post are welcome, but please do not respond multiple times.
  • When posting, please use an email address you check regularly so we can contact you if you are selected as a winner. When contacted, we will ask you for your name and address so we can send you the book.
  • All submissions will be assigned a number based on the order in which they came in, and five random numbers will be drawn.
  • You will have until Friday, April 4, to submit your memory to be eligible for the prize.

If you are unsure if you will like this book (and I am not sure I know of many Cub fans who would not love this book) take a sneak peak at what you can find in Will’s book “A Nice Little Place On The North Side: Wrigley Field At One Hundred”.

Thank you, and good luck!

A NICE LITTLE PLACE ON THE NORTH SIDE by GEORGE WILL – Excerpt by Crown Publishing Group

14 Replies to “A Nice Little Place on the North Side. Win a FREE Copy!”

  1. The pennant races of recent history. I’m not that old to remember much else. But it’s such an electric atmosphere.

  2. I havent been to the friendly confines in a long time. Still watch every game online or on tv tho. I can remember the last time i was at wrigley my older brother having me stand behind him when a particular player was up to bat so i wouldnt get hit by a foul liner. I recall that and my first nachos out of a mini baseball helmet.

  3. Is there really one experience better than the other? Every time I am there it takes my breathe away walking in to the seating area, and seeing that field Amazes me each and every time! It’s My Heaven, just every year I leave wishing for that Pennant and World Series! I’m 50 and Hope it Will Happen before I go, but if not I sure loved it no matter the Outcome! The Best though was Milt Pappas’s No Hitter I was there screaming and rooting as a kid! Wrigley Field Nothing Better!

  4. My family and I were in Chicago in 1998 for my Aunt’s graduation for Loyola and after my father and I wanted to go out and do something. We decided to get some tickets for the Cubs game knowing they were in town. Little did we know that game would go into the record books as one of the greatest games ever pitched. I was only 7 at the time, but boy did I love the game of baseball. I remember how around the 6th inning everyone was basically standing for the rest of the game while going crazy. That is my all time favorite Wrigley memory.

  5. My favorite memory from Wrigley Field is personal one. Generation after generation of our family has grown up in the Chicago, Illinois area as Cubs fans. Though we do not all live in the area year-round, we always find a way back to Chicago and Wrigley Field each summer. For the past 9 years we have made it a priority to visit the iconic stadium as a family. For the past 5 years it has been a trip of 3 generations. All Cubs fans, my grandfather, father and I have spent a weekend in the heart of downtown Chicago and Wrigley Field each summer. We have made memories, shared stories and cheered on our beloved Cubs as a family with loyalty to our home town team. Not only is it the team we love and cheer for, but has become part of our DNA and a tradition as a family to love this stadium and the Chicago Cub pinstripes.

  6. My favorite Wrigley Field memory is walking around the park taking pictures with my fiancée in the snow one January day since that was the closest I’ve ever come to being inside the most beautiful park in the league. That very well may change once I actually get to visit for the Wrigley 100 game this year after waiting to go inside for over 30 years!

  7. My favorite moment has to be going to the first game with my dad when I was 10. We sat 8 rows behind the bullpen, Turk Wendell threw me some bubblegum, and I got to sing with Harry Caray. The Cubs lost to the Cardinals, but Kevin Orie almost won it with a walkoff that was caught on the track in the 9th.

  8. I’m not old enough to remember many of the great moments that have taken place at Wrigley, but I do remember my first time ever experiencing the park for myself. As soon as I arrived, I felt at peace. From the marquee outside to the manual scoreboard in the outfield, the nostalgia of a simpler time hits you immediately. This ballpark is what baseball is all about. It’s a second home for Cubs fans.

  9. My favorite memory at Wrigley Field is always opening day. My family has had nosebleed season tickets for over 10 years and every year back is better than the last. There’s something about being there in the beginning in an atmosphere that’s always excited and full of hope for a season that’s not yet lost. Missing opening day to me is like missing Christmas. I also loved getting autographs with my kid sister after the games and watching Ryan Dempster sign anything she put in front of him. He’s the nicest player I’ve ever met and will always be one of the classiest guys in the game.

  10. One of the most memorable times at Wrigley Field was on August 4, 2008. It was 70s night. It started pouring and the rain was whipping around. You could barely see the field. Then some guy dressed as Elvis ran out on the field and did a ‘slip and slide’ on the tarp. It was hilarious. Later on, tornado sirens were going off! They made every one get out of their seats and move downward. My aunt and I were stuck in one of the stairwells. She was freaking out of course, but I thought it was really cool. When the sirens stopped we were evacuated from Wrigley. Even though I didn’t get to see my Cubbies win (of course), it was worth going to Wrigley Field that day.

  11. I have been a Cubs fan since the 60’s. living in PA, I have seen the Cubs in Philadelphia and Washington but had never been to Chicago. My kids and son in law took me to Wrigley for the 6/16/12 game against the Red Sox. So far my only trip to Wrigley. What a day! The Cubs lost, but I will never forget it! What a special place.

  12. My Wrigley experience, at least the one I want to share, happened in the mid-1908’s. I took my family (wife and two kids) to Chicago for a vacation from north central Iowa and thought we had great seats – row 1 of the second deck. Either Sandburg or Dunston just broke a finger and was put on the DL so they weren’t going to be playing. It was “painter’s cap” day at Wrigley so I was pumped about that. I happen to look over to my wife in the seventh inning, getting ready for Harry to sing and she’s asleep (not too much of a fan, actually) and when Harry bellows out “Ok, let me hear ya!” she must have jumped about 6 feet into the air. We still laugh about that, almost 25 years later. What a great day. Oh yeah, Final – Pirates 2, Cubs 0.

  13. My favorite memory has to be of my first time in the bleachers. I went with my brother and we rushed in right as the gates opened two hours before game time. We watched both teams hit batting practice and we each caught a long ball during bp. The actual game was great and the cubs ended up killing the dodgers.

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