Road to Opening Day: #6

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The Cubs hosted the Padres in a night game at Cubs Park in Mesa on Monday (they lost).  I guess people have to work or something in Arizona so they can’t just drop everything and go to the ballpark in the middle of the day.

I read a fun article from Beyond the Box Score about Jeff Samardzija‘s pitching tendencies.  We’re still waiting to see whether the Cubs extend or trade him.  This will be on everyone’s radar until one or the other happens.

Here are the lineups for Tuesday’s split squad games:


UPDATE 12:12 PM: Guess they made a switch in the Angels game this afternoon…


I guess Tsuyoshi Wada had nowhere better to go.  Here’s all the info you need for Tuesday’s split squad:

Those Angles are a force to be reckoned with, hopefully nobody will be too obtuse.  (Surprise, the Cubs shit the bed in the 9th and lost.)

UPDATE 8:27 PM: Moar prospects in the lineup against the Padres!


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The 1906 World Series

1906_World_Series-CubsThis World Series had the distinction of being the first for either club, as the Cubs and White Sox met for the first and only time that really mattered.  Forget the Crosstown BP Cup Trophy of Novelty, this was the whole enchilada.

As it turns out, the White Sox won their first World Series title.  The Cubs would win a year later, but this one was probably really annoying to the North Side fans because of how dominant the Cubs had been all season while the White Sox couldn’t hit their way out of a paper bag.  With a 154-game schedule, the Cubs won 116 games for the highest winning percentage in modern history.  Yet, in a short series, anything could happen and did.  After splitting the first four games to tie the World Series, the Cubs bats went super-cold and the White Sox took the final two games to claim the big prize.  HitlessWonders

With baseball, you never quite know how the ball will bounce, when the hitting will get hot or cold, and whether the baseball gods will be in your favor.  The mighty Cubs found out in rather frustrating fashion that even with Mordecai Brown on the hill and a trio of Hall of Famers in their lineup, they were still not invincible.  But they got there, and were dominant enough to get there again and again.  The more times you make it into the postseason, the more chances you have to win it all.  That’s what the plan is going to be.  Let’s see if it works out that way.

6 more sleeps.

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