Ricketts, Cubs Fed Up With Rooftops. Moving Forward With Plan B

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The battle between the Chicago Cubs and the Wrigleyville Rooftops has been going on for much longer than Cubs owner Tom Ricketts would like. To be honest, any delay in their plans due to the rooftop owners could be classified as too long. Every day that the rooftop owners stand in the way of the Wrigley renovations is more money that is being kept out of the Cubs pockets. That is why Rickets has decided to move ahead with plans to renovate Wrigley Field and dare the rooftops to stop them.

“It is impossible to put into words what I am feeling right now” declared Ricketts last night. “We have done everything we can to work with our rooftop partners, while still trying to move forward with our plans. They have made that impossible, and have left me with no other recourse than to move forward with Plan B.”

Plan B could be considered the ultimate slap in the face to the rooftop owners, which will completely cut them out of the loop. Ricketts will undoubtedly be sued for these efforts, but he has more than enough confidence that they will end up the victors, even if they have to settle out of court.

What is Plan B? Ricketts says he plans on building the Wrigley Dome.

“Fans hate rain outs. I hate rain outs.” Said Rickets “Playing in weather that is more meant for football than baseball, is not fun for the fans. That is why I think that building a dome over Wrigley will help the team in the long run.”

The Wrigley Dome, as explained here, will be specially made for Ricketts, and will show images of a day time and night time sky depending on the time of day.

“If you have ever seen the ‘Harry Potter movies, imagine Hogwarts roof,” said Ricketts “That showed the current conditions of the sky while sheltering the inhabitants from the conditions. That is how I envision this new dome working out for us, and the Cub fans should enjoy it.”

The proposed video board will still be implanted in the off season as well.

At the conclusion of the 2014 Cubs season, a mere day after the season comes to an end, Ricketts plans to have workers working feverishly around the clock to make sure that Wrigley Field is ready for the 2016 season. Where will the Cubs play the 2015 season?

Unfortunately, the fans of the Cubs will become quite familiar with their south side counterparts. But that is only for a year. What is the worst that can happen?

“If the Cubs go on and win the World Series in 2015,” said Ricketts, “I doubt fans will care. Does it matter if they win at Wrigley or at U.S. Cellular? A win is a win.”

Yes, a win is a win, but the Cell is not Wrigley Field.

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  1. I knew it was a n April Fools joke from the headline. For it to be true, it would mean Tommy grew some balls. Which we know ain’t happening.

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