Thank You Mike Matheny

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You know, even the best managers are capable of making bonehead mistakes with the game on the line. Rick Renteria put Jose Veras in to pitch the ninth which forced extra innings. Bad move Ricky, bad move.

But Mike Matheny single handedly lost that game for the St. Louis Cardinals in the 10th inning.

With two outs and the winning run at second base, Matheny chose to let his closer Trevor Rosenthal hit for himself instead of using a pinch hitter. I understand the logic, but still disagree with the move. If you pinch hit for him, and whoever is used fails to drive in the run, you lose your closer. The Cardinals would have been forced to use a lesser pitcher to pitch in the 11th inning. But with a real hitter at the plate in that situation, you have a real chance, especially with how Justin Grimm had been pitching.

However, by allowing Rosenthal to hit for himself, you all buy guaranteed that you would not drive in the winning run. Sure, you want your best reliever on the mound with the game on the line, but you cannot allow a reliever to hit for himself with the game on the line if you have a bat on the bench.

So for that boneheaded decision Matheny, I say thank you.

Thank you for not going for the win when you had one there for the taking!

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2 Replies to “Thank You Mike Matheny”

  1. Enjoy your short lived victory creep. Matheny’s decision was pathetic but not as pathetic as the Cubby’s pitching today.

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