I’m cool with Starlin Castro staying at shortstop

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Let’s hold off on saying that Starlin Castro is “back” just yet, but so far, despite the snag in spring training and the slow start, he’s got a batting average hovering around .300 and has been making decent contact with bat on ball.  The on-base percentage could use some work, but hey, he’s hitting again!  And that’s good.

starlinWhat’s even better is the defense.  In the Tuesday night game against Arizona alone, he had a ton of chances and at least three of them were potential web gems.  Pat Hughes and Ron Coomer gushing about it on the radio, Len and JD on the tube, and Twitter fapping like the good ol’ days of 2010-2012.

The offense may not be up to par just yet, but the defense seems fine.  While most fans are waiting for Javier Baez to get his inevitable call-up, I’m glad that Starlin is showing that he deserves to stay at shortstop for a long time.

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