Dreamcast 41: The Sweet Lou Edition

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On this Mother’s Day, we give to you a podcast after a long hiatus (yeah, we’ve been busy) named in honor of former Cubs manager Lou Piniella who wore the number 41.  Here’s some fun news about former Cubs reliever/closer/fan pinata Carlos Marmol (who actually does autocorrect to “Marmot“):


But this isn’t really a podcast about former Cubs, but of current Cubs such as the ones on our active roster, including Anthony Rizzo, Starlin Castro, Mike Olt and Jeff Samardzija.  We talk a bit about all of them, and even touch on how much it may cost now to keep Samardzija in a Cubs uniform.  We also talk a bit about youth baseball and here’s a way you can help out.

Happy Mother’s Day, and we’ll try to get the next episode out a bit sooner!

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