Dreamcast 42: A Whole Bunch of Whatever

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Hard to believe we’re at #42, and since we’re here at the answer to the meaning of life, we salute Jackie Robinson, the most influential player to ever wear the number.  Ever since Mariano Rivera retired, no player in baseball will ever wear #42 again.

This next edition of the podcast comes on the heels of the Cubs’ latest split against the San Diego Padres before they head north to face the San Francisco Giants, owners of the best record in MLB for the moment.  Jeff Samardzija is still seeking his first win and will likely continue to pitch well as he not-so-subtly looks for a way out of town.  Meanwhile, the Cubs continue to scuffle at the MLB level as they look to once again secure a high draft pick after the expected midseason fire sale.

We also talk a bit about the upcoming (we hope!) Wrigley Field renovations, as Cubs owner Tom Ricketts finally said “Damn the torpedoes” and will try to start the renovations/expansion as soon as the revised plan is approved.  The rooftops are probably suing anyway, so whatever.  Come at me, bro.

Oh yeah, this Manny Ramirez guy is going to be a player-coach at AAA Iowa.  Awesome!

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