Thank You Soldiers

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Today is Memorial Day. Millions of people around the United States of America will be sleeping in, lighting up barbecue, heading to the beach and generally enjoying their day off of work and school. People will even kick back, open a cold one and watch America’s favorite pastime, baseball.

While I will be enjoying the festivities of a barbecue myself on this day off, I must start and finish this day by thanking those who have fought and died for my freedom to do such things. Children in this great country that we live in love looking up to sports stars as their heroes. In my mind, and I hope you would agree, sports stars are not heroes. Look up to them as models for how to play the game, not how to live their lives. With athletes, you only know what you see on television during games, you do not know about who they are personally outside of the little glances they allow you to see. They are not the true heroes. True heroes wear camouflage, but not the uniforms the San Diego Padres wore yesterday when they defeated our beloved Chicago Cubs.

The true heroes are those who fight for our freedom. The true heroes are those who fight for our rights to enjoy such trivial activities of baseball and barbecues. They are the true heroes, not sports superstars. While you can argue all you want that we know even less about the soldiers who defend our freedoms, you can also say that you know all you need to know to prove they are heroes. They fight for us, for our rights, for our freedoms because they love this great country that we live in. Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.

If not for those brave men and women who have fought to protect our rights to live free, we would not be here to do such things. We have these freedoms thanks to the blood of the true heroes in the country. So today, I honor my family and friends, along with everyone else who has fought, and possibly even died for me, my family and friends to live how we want to live.

Where ever you are today, whatever you are doing, remember those who have fought and died for us. Lift up a drink in salute to the true warriors, the true heroes. Say thank you. Remember this day for what Memorial Day is all about. Not a day off, not baseball or the beach or barbecues. Remember Memorial Day as the day when you give thanks to all those who paid the ultimate price so you can do all those things.

Thank you Soldiers.

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