Random observation from tonight’s Cubs victory

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In tonight’s not-so-expected Cubs victory against the Mets, I noticed something interesting.  Well, interesting to me, anyway.

Most, if not all, of the damage was done by Cubs lefties.

This Coghlan guy did something awesome against a lefty!  (Jeffrey Phelps, Getty Images)
This Coghlan guy did something awesome against a lefty! (Jeffrey Phelps, Getty Images)

Now I wish they wouldn’t take so darned long to figure it out, but the first Cubs run since Saturday scored on a Chris Coghlan home run to tie the game in the eighth inning.  Normally this isn’t a big deal; after all, Coghlan WAS a former Rookie of the Year, although obviously he’s had some tough times, otherwise he wouldn’t be a Cub this year (I KEED, I KEED).  But the doubly interesting thing was that he hit the home run against a lefty, Josh Edgin, who was put in specifically to get the bottom of the order out.  It just so happened that the bottom of the order was full of struggling lefties, but obviously Coghlan didn’t exactly struggle there.

In the bottom of the ninth, Anthony Rizzo got on with a leadoff single that he muscled into the outfield.  This was also against a lefty (Rizzo has been doing that quite a bit this year!), this time Scott Rice.  Rice would get two more outs.

THEN, he would face another struggling non-Rizzo lefty in Nate Schierholtz.  Except that Schierholtz had other ideas, blasting a walkoff “single” that probably is scored a double on any other occasion.  Against a lefty.  Wow.

In other news, the Cubs are probably changing radio stations as numerous outlets are reporting that the team is set to announce their move to WBBM, which is AM 780 on your dial.  It’s just a few turns that-a-way from WGN 720, so it won’t kill ya.  WBBM is affiliated with CBS, and that probably carried a lot of weight so I don’t begrudge the Cubs for seeking a change here.  This also isn’t the Cubs’ fault (other than for sucking so much that apparently WGN was losing money), as WGN could have matched the WBBM offer but decided not to.  Thus endeth an era, and here’s to a new beginning for pretty much all aspects of Cub-dom.

Anyway, that was interesting, and now we get to see the W flag again for at least another day.

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